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Welcome To DrumTechSecrets… Where You’ll Learn How To Become a Drum Technician In The Music Industry Before The Crowds Come Back!

It’s About You!

Introducing a new way of learning how to become a Drum Technician in the music industry.

Now it’s possible to learn and have everything you’ll need under one umbrella. You no longer have to search the web for this vital information.

It’s right here with DrumTechSecrets

 Drum Technician- A person who sets up drums and takes care of a drummer’s needs. It is one of the most sought after gigs in the music industry today!  It’s a career move where only the faint at heart will take.

This position requires you to make sure the sound of the drum and all its mechanics are functioning correctly. The position commands people to learn on the fly…and requires you to make important decisions for your drummer.

Drummers’ are looking for people that will take the bull by the horns and ride it to the stadium. Am I talking to the right person?


Change Is Alway’s Good!

Here’s a video of a day in the life of a drum technician. It is a career many people are not aware of or know that it even exists.

DrumTechSecrets iManual is an comprehensive approach on teaching you how to become a Drum Technician

The Ear Hustle…

Wow, I never knew it was so much fun…This iManual shows you really how it works! It worked!!! Big pounds to you Larry

-Pam Sosa

Drum Technician

I was looking for something different to do because of the COVID- 19 pandemic It was time for a change and BAM!! DrumTechSecrets I found! Thanks, Brother for this info!

- Sir Drumalot

Drum Manager

I was searching for something like this on the internet a friend of mine told me about RoadieTechSecrets Thanks Friend!

- Susue Tiapaaptia

Drum Tech

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Learning The Drum Family Will Take You To A Level Where You Outshine Your Adversaries.

The Djembe Drum

Africa’s premier drum sound around the world. Learn how to maintain and tune this powerful drum.

The Congas

One of the most admired Latin sounds around the world. Learn how to tune and set-up the family of congas with DrumTechSecrets today!

The Tabla Drum

If you are not aware of  India, produces the sounds of India. With DrumTechSecrets you’ll learn how to maintain and tune this drum. Never let this drum become a mystery to you again!

The Hang Drum

This beautifully sounding drum is from the island of Tescos, Italy To find out more, please join us!


The Steel Drum

The sweet sounds of the Caribbean! Find out and learn more about the steel drum here with DrumTechSecrets

Drum Tools

Your toolbox will be full of information on what, when, and how to go about the business of a drum technician…The plan is for you to be ready to step up to the plate!

Drum Tuning

You will learn how to listen and tune a drum-set among other drums. Why would I just teach you only about the trap-set..There are many drums out in the world!

Drum Family

The family of drums has a long history of sounds and forms…From metal to wood the sound varies and so does the maintenance of each drum. You will learn both. So get ready!

Drum Secrets

The secret is  having access to great information. No. I don’t have the secrets to the Holy Gral!!! It’s just about you having knowledge, so that you can approach the business!

Remember, the key to anything is experience and in order to have that experience, you must be prepared to learn!

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If you are looking for a way to become a Drum Technician you are in the right place… This information is up to date, and it’s a real Drum Technician that has written this iManual. Plus, you are getting No Fluff, No B.S information.

My reason for writing DrumTechSecrets is to help you pursue this career and find your place on stage working as a Drum Technician…

I try not to hype this too much, I don’t want to sound like the Super juicer man selling you something you can’t use or don’t need!  But I must admit…It is a great iManual for anyone looking to start a career in the music industry as a Drum Technician.

What you have here is vital information on just about every beatable drum on the planet. This is what makes DrumTechSecrets so special…It not only talks about the trap-set but also the whole family of drums from around the world.

It’s a smorgasbord of beats and sounds. So with that said…

Welcome to your New World @ DrumTechSecrets

“May you beat to a different drum!


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