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Dear Future Drum Tech’s,

First, let me introduce myself. My Name Is Larry Stevenson and I’m a drum technician among other things in the music industry. I’ve worked for many years on tour and with many drummers from around the world and I would like for you to know there is a way for you to learn how to become a drum technician without having to empty your bank account or without you scouring the internet for this information.

Here’s a position in the music industry many people have never considered. I bet you didn’t know there are many people doing this job all over the world. Here’s a position that all nationalities of people are performing, If you attend a professional concert Nine times out of Ten, there will be a drum technician present. If there is a set of drums on stage. You can believe me when I say, there will be a drum technician close by!

What Exactly Is A Drum Technician?

If you’re wondering what it is you’ll be doing as a drum technician, let me explain it to you. Your responsibilities are to make sure the drummer has all of their drum equipment is set-up and in perfect working condition. Your responsibilities are to make sure, if the drummer’s cymbal stand falls off the stage, you are the one that will be there. Your responsibilities are to make sure when the drummer arrives at the concert Venue, their drums are tuned and ready to be played!

Your responsibilities are to make sure the drums are sounding great and looking great when your drummer arrives at the stage, and this is just for starters. You’ll maintain the drum equipment Before, doing and after the concert. You’ll have the knowledge about each and every aspect of the drum-set. That is your job, and with DrumTechSecrets you’ll know all of the above and much, much more! So, does this sound like a job you can do?

Let me ask you one important question…Who do you think is setting up the drums for major Rock, Jazz, R&B, Hip-hop or World Music groups? Do you think for one minute it’s the drummer? Well…..NO!!! It’s the drum technician you silly rabbit (Didn’t mean to insult your intellect, but someone had to do it). Drum technicians are the ones that are taking the bull by the horns and making sure the drums are organizied on stage.

Establishing A Spiritual Connection With The Drums Are An Essential Part Of DrumTechSecrets


are Curious to What's a Drum Technician?


Would Love a Drum Technician Career!


Found Their own Path with Drumtechsecrets!

You’ll also learn about the many other drums in the drum family like the Tabla drums and Djembe drums. Now you have a choice on which area you would like to develop your drum technician skills.

Push your boundaries to the limit. Not only will you learn about the trap-set, but you will also learn about the Steel drum family and the Percussion family. let your learning experience become limitless!

Alway’s keep your options open in an ever-changing world. Knowledge is key, and a game changer today!

The world is full of drums. This is why I want to teach you how to love and learn the drum family, from the Chinese drums to the Electronic drums.

Engage In The World Of A Drum Tech!
The Possibilities are endless!
Let DrumTechSecrets Take You To The Next Level!
As you can see, not only will you learn the trap set, But you’ll also learn the whole drum Family. From the African drum to the Tabla drums. What I’ll like to do is have you engage in every aspect of the drum family, so that you’re a well-rounded drum technician….You see, in today’s world, it’s best to know more about the whole Family of drums. 

What I try to do here is to give you an opportunity to work in as many genres of music as possible, being limited is not a 0ption anymore. There is just to much music being performed today, and I think you should be aware of all of it…That’s a great drum technician knowing about all drums and not just the trap set.

As you will find out, drummers are also seeking out new sounds constantly, so as a drum technician you must be aware of what’s new out in the world of sound and music.

So, I guess you thought it was just about the trap set? Well, not anymore! just keep reading and learn where I’m coming from as a drum technician. It’s about knowledge and learning from others that will keep you working. 

I’ve put a lot of hard work into this iManual for you to learn exactly what’s needed in the drum tech world. No, it’s not rocket science. But I would like for you to at least know how to tie your shoe’s “No Velcro please!” Boot Straps are needed my friends! 

Don’t worry, It’s not a bunch of technical mumbo drumbo words to learn. It’s written in plain English and the iManual is understandable to all….But I pull no punches in teaching you the fundamentals of becoming a drum technician. This is why you’re here, you want to know how to become a drum technician in the music industry.

I know you’re thinking, I didn’t know a person could do this for a living!. Yes, we are a breed apart! But you also have to realize there are many positions in the music industry that you can discover as well. 

There are many positions in the production area like; guitar, bass Techs, as well as keyboard & piano techs, stage & tour managers, wardrobe, Valets, runners & roadies. So you can believe me when I say to you there will be someone for every position on a tour.

This is just one of the reason DrumTechSecrets was born. There are many people out in the world that would love to discover a world where you’re free from the everyday hustle and bustle, and the water fountain meetings. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll be hustling but in a different time and space.

Listen To What Drummers’ Are Saying…
I’ve known Larry for many years and I could imagine he’d come up with something so advanced as this iManual! The man is a  ture road dogg. Gene Lake

Professional Drummer

When I started out playing drums, there was nothing like this out on the market. Larry has done a great service to the music community and the world by writing this iManual today!!! Great job Larry! Ronnie Burrage

Professional Drummer

I’ve worked with Larry for many years and I can truly say the man knows what to do and look out for on tour. Why would anyone4 not purchase this iManual is beyond me! Don Moye

Professional Drummer, Art Ensemble Of Chicago

I’ve known Larry for many years and I could imagine he’d come up with something so advanced as this iManual! The man is a  ture road dogg. Gene Lake

Professional Drummer

I like testimonials like these…They validate my point exactly on what I’ve been saying all along. That professional drummers need a drum technician to handle their equipment. One thing about this job is, it’s a win-win situation as you become a drum technician. Drummers really appreciate the job you’re doing and plus that, you get mad respect from everyone around you. This is what you call job satisfaction!

What I’m expressing is,  it’s the personal relationship you have with your drummer that’s so important. Remember you are handling their personal equipment (instrument). It’s like you’re handling a Sax player’s axe. Most musicians won’t let anyone handle their instrument (Never!) they don’t trust. Remember, the most important thing for you to know is your equipment and to know what you’re doing!

I’m a witness to how it is to be a drum tech, I’ve done this gig for over 30 years now and still enjoy it! Julia Brown

Drum Technician

I made my mind up about 10 years ago to become a drum technician and I haven’t looked back since. Juanita Jones

Drum Technician, Independent worker

I started when you had to carry the drummer’s equipment to the gig. Now I have it carried for me! David Paxton

Drum Technician, Foot Gear.com

With DrumTechSecrets You’ll…

Learn how to set up the Drum set.

Learn how to Microphone a drum set.

Learn how to Protect Drummers Equipment.

Learn how to change Drum Heads.

Learn how to Properly Pack A Drum Set.

Learn how to Recognize Individual cymbals.

 … and where to find the best Drum Equipment.

If You Really Want To Discover Your Abilities, Get DrumTechSecrets!
Drumtechsecrets Is Definitely A Global Treasure For All.
But, You’ll Also Need To Know…
How to Operate and Equalize a drum monitor.
How to Recognize individual cymbals.
How to properly Pack a drum set.
How to set-up an Electronic drum-set.
How to use a Drum Video monitor.
 … Plus Drum Technician Forums .

I would prefer if someone who purchases DrumTechSecrets actually used it. I’m just hoping just maybe after you finish reading DrumTechSecrets you’ll take the initiative and time to put what you’ve learned into action.

One thing is for sure! After reading DrumTechSecrets you’ll have the confidence to approach any production company in the music industry and take this knowledge you have learned and apply it to anywhere in the world. and When this happens, you may hear “Where did you learn how to become a drum technician?”

My main propose for writing DrumTechSecrets is to teach you what is needed in order for you to go out into the world and land that Gig. I make No Promise’s to you about landing a gig, you’ll have to do the legwork yourself on this one. But what I can say is, you’ll have the knowledge and tools under your belt, So, when the time is right for you to step up to the plate. You’ll be ready!

It’s important that you completely understand and are satisfied with what you’re getting,  and it’s also important you know what you’re getting yourself into before you make your decision. But that’s just part of my reason for writing DrumTechSecrets.

My other reason is this, I would like for people like you that are interested in a career as a drum technician, but can’t find the necessary information on how to become a drum technicians available to you. 

With DrumTechSecrets you now have an awesome opportunity to become a drum technician in today’s music world. Just this opportunity alone is worth its weight in Gold for anyone looking for their path into a career as a drum technician today.

I was looking for something that I liked to do, and what did I see? Drumtechsectes. Kathy Branner

Future Drum Tech

So you’re telling me I too can become a drum technician? I’m in!

Kim Beacon

Future Drum Tech

I love the idea of working in the music industry as a drum technician.

Marina Sparks

Future Drum Tech

I have a friend that does this job and she says this is one of the most exciting jobs she has ever had!

Bradan Taylor

Future Drum Tech

I’m a Sun power girl and I think I just find my path! Thanks, Drumtechsecrets!

Lily marks

Future Drum Tech

So, ladies, you thought this was just for men?

If, you didn’t know then, you know now! It’s a Brother and Sisterhood out here on the road, and to trust in one’s ability to perform their duties is a must. Yes! I said Sisterhood, what?!?

Ladies, if you thought this was a guy’s job? And You thought women were not doing this power job? For the women that know better I don’t have to say a word, and for the women that don’t know, I’m here to tell you there are women doing this job and doing it well. But what’s needed is the knowledge and tools to be competitive out in the world!

The only thing I’m saying is everyone out on tour must know their own job. If someone needs a hand you give it, but please by all means know your job, because out on the road everyone has their own job to perform, and that includes you.

With DrumTechSecrets you’ll learn what is needed and what to look out for on tour or in a concert hall, club or theater or where ever you may be working.

This is hands-on, I mean (brains on)… type of learning from the Internet. I’m not selling you something you can’t use.  I’m giving you something you can apply too.

This iManual you are getting is from the horse’s mouth and not from some internet algorithm. You are getting this information from me a real drum technician.

 No, I’m not some famous drum technician. I’m just a guy that has done this job for over 25 or 30 years I forget which one it is, The year’s are catching up with me, but what I can say is. What you have in your hand is the first of its kind on the Internet…Yes, you heard me right, the first drum technician iManual on the Internet. 

Yes, I have put in the hard work in order to make it easy for you to become a drum technician, but there are no promises here. What you will have are the tools. Like I always say, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.

It’s a different world today for drum technicians, and I want you to take full advantage of all the opportunities that are out there for promising future drum technician.

Unleash Your Spirit And Freedom With DrumTechSecrets!

It's Your Move!

To A Beating Success!

Larry Stevenson

The Drums Are Never Silent!


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