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About Me


Hello, Larry Stevenson here!

Thank you for stopping by and enjoying my website. I know, it’s interesting to you I know this! I would like to start off by saying it’s a real human being behind DrumTechSecrets iManual.

Let me tell you a little about me…I come from a musical family of musicians…Singers and instrument players. My mom was a singer and my dad played trumpet.

Just about the whole family had something to do with music. I played drums as a young kid along with Clarinet. But as time went on and 40 years later, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out you are better at something else!!!

So, I learned the production side of the music industry and fell in love with it. I loved setting up drums and working with crews and production staff.

Organizing behind the scenes, tour managing. just Making it happen on stage and behind the scenes! So with that said…

Welcome to my part of the world!

Larry Stevenson